Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy

Five hell-raising students at the esteemed Crestview Academy are forced to serve Saturday detention for their misdeeds. After locking up the teacher meant to supervise them, the kids quickly realize that the school has been turned into a death trap designed to pick them off, one by one. Sammi Hanratty, Sean Astin, Gina Gershon, Drake Bell, and Ben Browder star. Browder also directed.Scob) and learning that her husband (André Marcon) wants to end their marriage. The blow of confronting her own mortality is cushioned by her friendship with a younger former student (Roman Kolinka), whose invitation to visit his anarchist commune in the countryside allows her a chance to remember the more radical and less burdened person she once was.

Main Actors: Sammi Hanratty,Colby Arps,Sophia Taylor Ali

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