Anne Of Green Gables

Against the loveliest of rural settings *Anne of Green Gables* describes the arrival of the gangling girl at the microscopic village of Avonlea and the difficulties which precede her adoption by the lonely, middle-aged Cuthberts, Brother Matthew and Sister Marilla. The Cuthberts had expected a boy from the orphanage, but Anne and her shabby carpetbag arrive instead. A lank and wide-eyed miss, she talks in the exalted romantic style of an American female Quixote whose head has become addled from excessive readings. Gradually she makes a place for herself in the Cuthbert household. Tenderly and humorously the photoplay tells how she goes off to school and of the romantic problems which beset her in the acquisition of her first beau, as well as a variety of delightful incidents which become unbelievably important as *Anne of Green Gables* reports them

Main Actors: Ella Ballentine, Sara Botsford,Martin Sheen

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