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You can now Watch from all your favorite movie genres

Action Movies: These movies are about fast paced action scenes and adrenaline rush filled moves with fast cars, speed motorbikes and hanging off planes. Watching action-packed movies is a popular source of entertainment worldwide, the ultimate choice to uplift your mood.

Adventure Movies: Exploration is what these movies are about. Sometimes in a forest of sorts, strange land, a desert or an interesting distant galaxy, possibly even the exploration of the body, heart, mind, and soul. Have a curious mind, high spirit, motivated intellectually, and of course Adventurous? This genre is for you.

Animated Movies: What comes to mind with this movie genre is the Tom and Jerry outrageous adventure, and many crazy fun movies of the sort. These movies are world class Animated Films with meaningful story lines, inspiring messages of the heart and soul, and very educative especially for the children. However even the old can watch them because they are those films which touch everyone’s beautiful heart.

Comedy Movies: Do you love a great laugh? Well everybody does and these comedies will give you that and more. Be sure to have tears rolling down your cheeks, your side ribs aching, and your cheeks hurting after watching these movies. World class comedy is what you will get.

Thriller Movies: The films in this genre leave you almost speechless and may cause you to think about them deeply. The movies here are those films in which you are absolutely not certain you know exactly what happened. As you watch them, you will find yourself trying to put pieces together on how it all is going to end and then all of a sudden BAMM your jaw hits the floor because you would have never guessed it would get to end this way.

Drama Movies: The films you will find in this category are not your everyday main stream movies. These movies will have you questioning your own values and morality. Why? Because these movies get you cheering on the bad guy in the film. You will sit on the edge of your seat praying that the villain does not get caught.

Family Movies: Imagine sitting down with your beautiful family and enjoying a great movie together. These films try to have a little bit of something for all audiences and most importantly have amazing stories told in a great way.

Fantasy Movies: Fantasy! That’s right, these are those movies packed with supernatural powers, magic, myths and exotic fantasy worlds. These are the movies that many film producers, directors, and actors want to create because there are no limitations to creativity and imagination. And your guess is right, be ready to get mind boggled.

Horror Movies: These are films that will have you lock all the doors and windows in your house after watching them. They will get you jumping when there is a knock at the door or the phone rings, or lie stiff and still in the bed at night because you heard a creepy sound outside in the next room. These movies will leave you in very desperate need of a manicure. LOL

Romance and Love Movies: These movies are the heart pounders. Films that will either leave you day-dreaming, because you wish the happy lovers were you and boo. These movies will get you asking yourself if your special person will ever be like that or leave you in pools of tears. They are about what everyone desires the most... FINDING TRUE LOVE!

Science Fiction Movies: When one hears SCI-FI they think Star Wars and Transformers. These films are technologically more advanced and take place somewhere in a hi-tech lab or in space. Either in a futuristic year right here on earth or a long time ago in a faraway galaxy. These movies are not listed because of their outstanding special effects but mainly because of their story and message delivered by the movie.

War Movies: Films in this genre take place during times of chaos, difficulties, with rattling guns and state of the art military artillery in jungles and deserts, day and night in not so wonderful surroundings. They will all take place during a war. Thing that separates these movies from all the rest is that these have deep feelings, sentiments, joyous moments of love, or deeper meanings aside from the usual abhorrence, fury, and demolition.

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